Portland Primary Bath: Our First Tile Project

Portland Primary Bath: Our First Tile Project

We had lots of plans for the house, and materials on hand, but I didn’t get around to them until mid-2017, starting with the primary bath remodel. After I had torn out the original fixtures, walls, glass block, and vinyl flooring, but had only begun leveling the ceiling and floor, Jeff moved to Albuquerque for his new job, so it was time for me to focus. Jeff came up to help about one weekend a month for the 7 months…

Pulling Glass Powder

Demonstration of pulling powder across a silkscreen as part of making a glass-on-glass print.

Watch Me Coat a Silkscreen

This short video shows how fast to slide the emulsion trough. Be sure you have your speakers on to hear the sound that tells you your speed and pressure are good.